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College Connections

College Connections provides college preparation programming and support in college for students aged 17 to 27. We currently serve more than 500 students through four focus areas to ensure they are placed firmly on the path to college graduation:

Social-Emotional Skills

One-on-one coaching from College Readiness Advisers (CRAs) to build confidence and motivation from middle school through college graduation. Our CRAs are from the same community as our students and have overcome similar challenges.

Strong Academic Support

A high expectations curriculum builds academic skills to ensure that students are progressing at or above grade level and are prepared for college-level courses.

Pathways to College Completion

ESOL courses improve oral and written competency as well as provide career preparation. Our Foundations program helps students get their high school equivalency diploma. Bridge to College prepares students to enter college and provides support to ensure students progress to graduation. Learn more about these pathways below.

Holistic Support & Services

Many of our students are parents or serve as guardians. To further support them, we offer accessible and affordable Early Education and Out of School Time (OST) programming for children aged 3 months to 13 years.

Foundations: English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

College Bound offers four levels of ESOL instruction, ranging from beginner conversational English to advanced writing. The program focuses on two key components: providing written and oral competency skills as well as financial literacy and employment skills with the focus of increasing students’ ambition to achieve college graduation. ESOL students are encouraged to transition to our College Connections Foundation and Bridge to College pathways upon completion of the Level 4 ESOL course.

Foundations: High School Equivalency (HSE)

The Foundations: HSE pathway offers a means for students who dropped out or were pushed out of traditional school settings to earn their high school equivalency credential. The pathway focuses on intensive academic skill-building and the development of personal readiness to prepare students to pass the HiSET (formerly GED).

Bridge to College

Bridge to College provides a clear pathway to college for students who have earned a high school credential. The goal is to prepare students to enter college enrolled in no more than one remedial course so there is no time and financial aid wasted on catching up. Courses address the academic career, personal readiness, and college knowledge that students need to enter and successfully complete post-secondary education.

College Support

College Bound provides College Support to students who have enrolled in college courses and are working toward their first degree. College Readiness Advisors (CRAs) work with students to complete financial aid paperwork, access campus resources and ensure that students are taking the appropriate classes.

Maritime Apprenticeship Program (MAP)

MAP uses hands-on skill-building to teach in the form of boat-building to teach math and science concepts. Apprentices are young people in the custody of Boston Youth Services or are in adult corrections, and are deeply gang-involved or have histories of repeat incarceration. Alongside skill-building, MAP offers work-readiness and counseling services to prepare apprentices for college and career.

College Connections Impact Statistics

To further pave the pathway to college for our students, College Bound has established partnerships with local colleges including:




In order to provide additional support to matriculating students, College Bound has a College Scholarship Fund to help with tuition and other expenses associated with students’ education.

To discuss the program in-depth and learn how to enroll, please contact the Student Placement Department at (617) 506-5960 or visit us at:

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